WOD: 10-2-12

WOD:  October Baseline:  3 unbroken rounds for max load of:

1 Front Squat
1 Thruster
1 Shoulder to Overhead

Post WOD:  75 Thrusters (45/45)


So this may have been fudged up due to a lack of clarity.  Allow me to re-explain the October Baseline.  As soon as you Clean the bar…

  1. Front Squat the bar
  2. Perform a Thruster with the bar
  3. Do one Shoulder to Overhead
  4. Front Squat the bar again
  5. Perform a second Thruster with the bar
  6. Do a second Shoulder to OVerhead
  7. Front Squat the bar yet again
  8. Perform a third Thruster with the bar
  9. Do a third Shoulder to Overhead

Please note that there is no rest in between each of the three lifts.  Also note that there is no crying about having to do this again either.  If you felt particularly proud of the load you did yesterday, you still get a high five, but note that doing three rounds at that load will get you three high fives.  If you came in and you have to redo the Baseline please note that the Post WOD will be different (wodify will explain). Also, if you did the Baseline as it was meant to be done, there will be a full fledged alt. wow for you.  Also Happy Tuesday.  Also be prepared to learn a conservative kip on your Muscle Up.  Also I am perfect.

Haven’t mentioned that in a while,



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